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    AU Farm staff will have a business trip to Japan for 6 days from 10-15 March; therefore, we will not be available on phone during this time. If you want to place any order please make it prior the mentioned period. In the case you need to order during that time you can contact us at 
    Line: aufarm, aufarm2  or  email: info@aufarm.net
    All the order will be process as normal
    Let AU Farm Take care of you

    When purchasing Red Lingzhi, you need to look into cultivation process, which need to be in the optimum condition including the humidity, brightness, and enough nourishment. Moreover, the transformation procedure is also an important factor, because it is the process of extracting the most polysaccharide out of the mushroom. Packaging is another factor to consider, as the Lingzhi is moisture sensitive, they need to use the moisture resistance package to prevent the moldiness.
    There are various major reasons why Lingzhi Mushroom at AU Farm is different from other mushroom selling at normal market

    * We choose the best specie
    We produce organic Red Lingzhi G2 specie, which is the specie that contains the most beneficial properties among Lingzhi group. Moreover, the Lingzhi that plant in Thailand are high in beneficial properties than Lingzhi from other countries such as Korea, China, or Japan because it is the specie that well grown in tropic weather and provide the most substance at the temperature of 25-30 degrees, which is the right climate in our country. And it is also the only specie that being grown in the Soun Jitlada Royal Project.

    * We focus on every stage of productions
    We pay attention carefully on every step from selecting raw materials to the production stage. We use only organic ingredients and avoid using chemical; thus it is a long process in order to get the chemical-free Red Lingzhi.
    * High NutrientLingzhi
    Mushroom from AU Farm contain Polysaccharide up to 90% which help preventing the deteriorate cells. This is because we pay more attention to and only harvest at the period that can provide the highest nutrients which is between 60 and 90 days. We can get a bigger Lingzhi if we harvest later on, but the nutrient will lower down to 50%.
    Drink more water as it will lead to more effective detoxification process.And for those who is using modern medicine can also use Lingzhi without suspend the current medicine, but you should take lingzhi about an hour afterward. It will make the treatment better by integrative medeication theory.
    Lingzhi mushroom consist of various substances that benefit to our body such as polysaccharide which help to strengthen the body functions. Different Lingzhi specie contain different amount of polysaccharide, and many research show that Red Lingzhi is the one that contain the highest polysaccharide; moreover, it is the specie the provide the best medicinal properties.

    The essential properties of Lingzhi Mushroom are to improve autoimmune system and increase white blood cell. The polysaccharide will help to stimulate Lymphocyte-T to reduce the allergy and rash.

    Lingzhi also help to (Antioxidant), prevent deteriorate cells, or the abnormality of the cell inside the body which cause other diseases such as heart disease or aging for lady.

    Furthermore, Lingzhi helps with detoxification. When you consuming Lingzhi all the important substances will break down and spread throughout the body to banish the toxin and other residue such as uric acid, sugar, fat, cholesterol, or other chemical substances which create toxic to the body and cause diseases.Significantly, it helps to nurture the kidney to function better. For patient with chronic kidney disease, it also helps to rehabilitate to normal functions.

    The detoxification process of Lingzhi will have some effects such as headache, dizzy, nausea, fever, joint pain, diarrhea, runny nose, cough… etc. It could happen within 3-7days until it has banished the toxin out of your body , or until your body get adapt with Lingzhi.

    When it comes to the signal of aging, illness & disease, or even for every lady and gentleman who pay more attention to their health are able to consume Red Lingzhi, because of its unique properties with specific features that help to restore your health from illnesses or even the onset of the diseases and make you become healthier.

    -   Elderly and pre-elderly people whom face heart disease of high cholesterol, blood clot in brain, liver disease, kidney disease, asthma, and other allergies.
    -   Working people with stresses, since Red Lingzhi will enhance nutrient, promote the liveliness and anti-aging
    -   People who have allergy can use Lingzhi continuously for it will improve the immune system to reduce rashes allergic, including those with weak immune system that can easily get a cold.
    -   The patient of high blood pressure, and diabetes
    -   The patient whom used to go through radiotherapy
    -   People who enhance and maintain the good health
    -   Although the patient who is currently using modern medicine can consume Red Lingzhi without suspend the current medicine, but should consume Red Lingzhi 1h after the daily medicine, as Lingzhi will complement the treatment by modern medicine.
    The most important factor is you should choose the Red Lingzhi extract that is certified of
    its safety standard as it will provide the full benefit. Red Lingzhi from AU Farm
    is under the supervision of Touch Inspire Limited where we distribute
    quality herbal products from modern, safe and reliable workshop
    with reasonable price.

    The best Herbal store of the country
    Under the supervision of Touch Inspire Limited Company.
    We distribute quality herbal products
    from safe, modern and reliable workshops with low price.
    AU Farm we produce organic Red Lingzhi G2 Specie which is the best specie
    That provides the most properties among Lingzhi group,
    And is the only specie to plant in Soun Jitlada Royal Project.
    We pay attention carefully in every stage of production from
    The selection of raw material to the production stage.
    We use only organic ingredients and avoid using chemical; thus it needs a period
    of time to produce chemical-free Red Lingzhi.
    And this is the reason that makes our Red Lingzhi different from
    Lingzhi selling in the general market.
    We harvest Lingzhi at the period that can provide the highest nutrient
    Which is between 60-90 days, We can get bigger Lingzhi harvesting after this period
    but the nutrient will lower down to 50%

    We’ve been on “Puying Roo Ching” show
    Thanks to “Puying Roo Ching” show for inviting AU farm to the show
    Because they want to support quality products.

    Certificate of Registration
    Of Traditional Medicine
                Registration No: G389/53
    This is to certify that
                            Drug name:                 LINGZHI CAPSULE
                Formality ……….. G389/53       Drug type: Brown powder medicine in white capsule
                Producer:                    Doctor Cosmic Limited Company

    Is it a must for registered drugs to have the badge of food & drug registration อ.ย?
    Modern medicine, Thai medicine, or traditional medicine need to be registered at the Board of Foods & Drugs, and will be provided with the drug registration number Reg.No. follows by letter and number such as G70/48 or drug registration G70/48  without the need of any อ.ย badge (if any drugs that use อ.ย badge you can assume that it is a non-registered products). Show on the container as G mean that the drugs in registered as local made traditional medicine for human.
    1 package (as in picture) is 100 grams that can be used for about 20 days. Price 390 Baht, free shipping through EMS!!
    AU Farm does not reserve dried Red Lingzhi for a long period. We only produce at the amount for sell in a short period and produce more when it is out of stock.  In case there is any leftover, we will transform into other type of products.This is to ensure that our customers will always get the new and quality products.
    How to boil Red Lingzhi
    -  Take half or one piece of Lingzhi, wash in clean water and put into pot for boiling (Clay pot is even better)
    -  Pure about 2 liters of water into the pot, put it to the boiling temperature (Boil for about 15 minutes)
    -  Low down the fire as you are stewing and keep it for another 15 minutes, then turn off the stove
    -  Take away the Lingzhi and keep the water until it gets warm, it is ready to drink

    -  Should drink the Lingzhi mushroom at the body temperature, and you can drink it instead of daily drinking (For healthy purpose)
    -  you can add sweetener like sugar or honey to make it easier to drink
    -  If you add the sugar or honey, only add it to the amount that you are going to drink. Do not add to the entire pot while boiling  as it will lower the benefit of the honey
    -  If you cannot drink it all, you can warm it (Morning & evening).
     -  Type 500mg/capsule, 30 capsules per jar
    -   1 Jar = 790 Baht, Within promotion period 1 Jar = 665 Baht
    -   Buy more than 10 Jars, we sell at 500 Baht/jar plus free shipping through EMS!!
                Take one capsule daily, 15mn before meals

                It is even better if you take it with Vitamin C because Vitamin C is a medical solvent which help to pull the most nutrient out of the Lingzhi to the body.
    Our body is build up with more than 63 trillion cells, thus living in our surrounding environment we may face many toxin and chemical which will weaken and injured our body cells and end up mutated, and then our body will signal as onset symptoms.
    -  Red Lingzhi can rehabilitate our health from illness to better condition and finally get back to better health.
    -  Lingzhi help patient to recover as well as preventing illness.
    -  Lingzhi can perform detoxification and eliminate all the toxins from our body.
    -  Promote the self-healing ability of the body
    -  Help to increase the multi-enzyme in the body , and enhance the immune system, especially “Red Lingzhi” is effective for the following:
           Make your liver healthy
           Make our blood clean
            Maintain and eliminate the toxins from your kidney effectively
    The comparison from various research show that Red Lingzhi really can protect your kidney from disease effectively.
    Strengthening and balancing our immune system
                Strengthen our immune system to prevent sickness. Control our immune system and prevent suffering from allergies such as general allergy, Sinus, Arthritis…etc.

                Anti-aging; increase the multi-enzyme system, increase anti-oxidant to fight the free radicals to promote stable youthfulness.

                Recurrence the performance of self-healing and promote the metabolism. Strengthen and restore the body system as well as repair cells within our body back to live.

                Lingzhi Mushroom are able to clear the clogged arteries, and help to improve the blood vessels elasticity which is the vessel to nourish the heart and other organs.

                Adjust the body system to a better fit

                Red Lingzhi is highly safe and non-poisonous, can be used for a long term.
                Lingzhi works in a two-way process. It is able to deal with different health conditions because it will go deep into our body cells and can treat the antipodes disease such as high-low blood pressure, and the immunity, which produce too much or too little.

    On the 6th February 2013, the Ministry of Public Health has recommended the patients with abnormal cell to consume “Red Lingzhi water” to improve the immunity in our body to fight with the abnormal cells.  The Director General of department of Thai medicine and Traditional medicine Dr. Somchhay nitpanit said that “the latest research of using Lingzhi to cure the abnormal cells show that, in Lingzhi, there is a substance called “Polysaccharides” which is able to promote the immune system as well as making us feel relax. They also found out that Lingzhi also contain Triterpene which is to prevent the growth of abnormal cells, and the extract from spores will enhance the immune system and non-toxic to other normal cells”.
    “The result from the research of using Lingzhi to destroy abnormal cells from Chiang Mai University will be release soon. The study of benefits of Lingzhi from China found that Lingzhi are able to control the spread of disease for patient who has abnormal cells in the lunge and colon. Moreover, Lingzhi is safe, nontoxic, and can be used for long term” Dr. Somchhay added.
    (Cr. Thainews.prd.go.th)

    I have been using Lingzhi extract from AU Farm for almost 1 year.
    I used to be an Airhostess at night shift, which means that I have to rest at daytime and work at night. It spoiled my daily hour and made me sick very often, like cold, muscle ache, body ache, and irregular menstrual period. It made me feel older and my skin was not healthy
    I start searching for supplementary food or vitamins that can help me, and then I found Lingzhi from AU Farm. After 3 months of using I feel the positive change to my health. I don’t have cold that often, my body and muscle ache is gone, menstrual period refine to regularity, the skin is glowing and shine a lot better than before using Lingzhi.
    Now I’m no longer working as an airhostess, but I still consume Lingzhi, my health getting better and better, energetic and fresh. I always bring Lingzhi along wherever I go.
    (P.S. The above article is the review from the real consumer of AU Farm product. We did not hire or use any kind of exaggeration.  The results may vary depending on each individual.)
    Would like to share the good experiece
    I have breast cancer and after knowing about Lingzhi extract from AU Farm I start using it till now. It makes me healthy, not feeling weary or exhausted. Later, for the checkup result is no more detect the cancer cells. For those who has not considered, you should choose it now. Though you are not a cancer patient, you can use it to balance your health.
    (Thank you, Kun Jirat)
    (P.S. The above article is the review from the real consumer of AU Farm product. We did not hire or use any kind of exaggeration.  The results may vary depending on each individual.)
    1. Dried Red Lingzhi

    2. Red Lingzhi extract in capsule


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