Lingzhi and detoxification theory
11 May 2015 (676 View)
The predominant of Lingzhi is the detoxification function. The useful substances in Lingzhi will spread to the entire body to remove toxins and other residue, that are the cause of Uric Acid, Sugar, fat or chemical which is harmful to our body, by evacuate through every digestive system like skin, fecal, incontinence, and sweat. Lingzhi detoxification process may cause headache, dizzy, nausea, dazzling, fever, joint pain, diarrhea, runny nose, cough…etc. These symptoms may happen during the first 3-4days that make you think that it is the side effects or adverse effects and it will not lead to positive result for your health and body; thus, lead you to stop using Lingzhi.  And if you do so, you will lose the chance to get the most value of this supernatural herb, because all the side effects will go away when you use the Lingzhi continuously or when Lingzhi has completely banished the toxins out of your body. Then your body will be restored and able to adjust to absorb the herbal substances. Therefore, you should not be scared when consuming Lingzhi. You should understand that all the symptoms are not negative or are not the side effect of Lingzhi, and should not stop using it. What you should do is to drink water more often in order to improve the detoxification effectiveness. And for the patient who are using modern medicines also should not suspend; instead, you can take the Lingzhi later after taking the modern medicines as it will give positive result in treating the disease through “integrative medicine”

** 16 symptoms of diseases indication when you start taking Lingzhi**

1. Feel the pain from middle of the head to occipital, and drowsiness
  • Low blood pressure, malnutrition, blood supply system to the brain is not working properly
2.Temporal pain, Occipital numb. It could be one or both symptoms at once.
  • High blood pressure
3. Dazzling, Dizzy
  • High blood pressure, high blood cholesterol
4. Eye’s gum come out in lump
  • Liver atrophy
5. Tear drop, Pain in the left shoulder and chest
  • Symptom of lung atrophy, bad respiration
6. Pain in the left shoulder and have eyes gum
  • Symptoms of Lung atrophy
7. Clear mucus from nose consecutively 3-5days
  • Allergy, Sinus, inflamed respiration
8. A lot of sputum and parched throat
  • Clogged and filthy Bronchial and respirational system
9. Short breath and palpitate
  • In the risk of heart disease
10. Colic at epigastrium and chest
  • Stomach problem, inflamed intestine, poor absorption system
11. Constipate, Gas in stomach, Cramped
  • Hemorrhoid, colon and digestive system is not well function
12. Waist pain
  • Kidney disease, junk digestive system is not well function
13.Pubic pain
  • Uterus, bladder, prostate atrophy
14. Serious pain in the Hip, Knees, Ankles
  • High Uric acid, gout
15. Pain in the upper joint, knuckle joint
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
16. Pain and feel the heat on the upper body, high temperature & dazzling
  • Blood circulation is not well function

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