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Lingzhi mushroom from AU Farm is organic G2 specie which is the species that provide the most beneficial substance among other Lingzhi species, and it is  also the same species that are grown in Soun Jitlada Royal project, hence it is different from other Lingzhi Mushroom sell at normal market.
There are two basic tips to get the most effectiveness while consuming Lingzhi Mushroom, boil the Lingzhi mushroom and drink the water or Consume Lingzhi extract in capsule.  Red Lingzhi extracts is consuming friendly especially for those who dislike the bitter taste or boiled Lingzhi water, unless they add sweeteners for a better taste. And for Lingzhi extract we produce it through freeze dry method (dry by cool temperature) in order to get it ready to pack into capsule. By using this method Lingzhi still reserve the high beneficial properties than using other method, and make it 100% for consuming, but using freeze dry method also make Lingzhi Extract have a high price
  • The benefit of Red Lingzhi treating some diseases
  • Treat Cancer
  • Treat kidney disease
  • Treat Diabetes
  • Treat allergy
  • Treat and preventing High/Low blood pressure
  • Help with heart disease
  • Anti-aging
  • Improve your memory
  • Help to reduce the pain in the back, shoulder, and knee, especially the pain that cause by veins.
  • Help with menstrual cramp
  • Help with gout
  • Help to prevent amnesia, increase oxygen and promote blood circulation to avoid toxin. 
Which brand of Lingzhi Mushroom you should choose?
You should choose Lingzhi from reliable producer that you can check, and it is even better if you get to know of its planting process as well as certified of standard by related ministry or department. Red Lingzhi from AU Farm is the organic Lingzhi that come from standard and reliable producer that can be checked.
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Instagram:     @aufarm
Line:               aufarm, aufarm2
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